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Laurel Hill MicroFarm's Herd of Hope

Welcome to Laurel Hill MicroFarm, Your Goat Milk Soap Source!!!

mama goat with her babies
mama goat with her babies

Adeline with twins, Suki & Princess Yue

Thank you for your interest in our farm! We are a homestead / farm located in Hope, RI. We grow microgreens and make goat's milk soap year round, and from April through October we are out goatscaping! Also in the spring we always have plenty of vegetable starts for your garden and in the fall/winter season we have plenty of firewood available. Our farm is always busy! We have many projects and lots of animals. If you'd like more information or would like to visit please click on our contact information.

Who is the Herd of Hope?

The Herd of Hope

The Herd of Hope is our ADGA registered herd name. the name is taken from not only our location, Hope, RI, but also from our state flag. The herd consists of 68 goats and 1 black sheep named Jack, the herd is always growing so this number will be going up frequently. We do not slaughter any animals and all of our goats are under the care of , in my opinion, the best veterinarians there are. Our primary care is provided by Dr Christopher Hannafin from New Shoreham Veterinary Services, he services South County and Block Island, RI. For  emergency and back up care we use Tufts Ambulatory in Stafford CT, all of the veterinarians at Tufts are top notch! We have three groups to our herd; dairy moms, landscapers and retired. The dairy goats are kept on the farm all the time for their safety and the safety of their kids. The landscape crew piles into a van or trailer and they go where ever their work takes them that day, they return at night with full bellies! The retirees simply meander about the farm during the day and relax at night in their own , comfy, paddock complete with an adorable chalet type shelter. Our goats work hard, and in return we must treat them as we would people  Fair wages , healthcare and retirement benefits. They get paid in hay and grain, shelter and amenities. They are never refused healthcare. Check out the gallery section and see for yourself! Happy goats!

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